DNUI (Delete not used image) PRO

10,00$ 5,00$

DNUI Delete Not Used Image PRO, is a WordPress plugin who can help you to find unused image in your WordPress Blog


From now you can buy the plugin at 5$, i really think that this plugin worth 10$ but because i want to find the right price, i made one poll, this are the result.


DNUI Delete Not Used Image PRO, is a WordPress plugin that can help you to find unused image in your WordPress Blog.

This PRO version have:

  • Delete all automatic button, this will go page by page and delete all images not used
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce (the main WooCommerce plugin, not other extends plugins) (based in
  • Compatibility with Visual Composer 4.11 (it’s seem that VC change a lots the code, so maybe other version will not be compatibles)
  • Ignore images by clicking in the image name
  • Ignore size by clicking in the size name and include this size name to the ignore size list if this size does not exist
  • Restore all backup
  • Delete all backup

I think this are killer features, especially the delete all automatic function, because if you have a lots image in your WordPress site, go page by page and clicking the delete All button can be annoying, so with this option, you can click only one time the button and leave the script make the work (this work with Javascript, so you have to leave the page in your browser, but you can use other tab to see others things).


If you have 1000 image in your WP Blog and the DNUI WP (Free version), and if we take, that only one image can take you between 1 to 3 sec for be deleted, you will have between 1000 to 3000 sec to delete all image [in minutes this will be 16 to 50 Min]. So if you use DNUI PRO, you will click at the delete all automatic button, and you can do something else while the plugin do the work for you. So If you have more than 1000 image, buying this plugin 5$ will be a good investment of you money.

The Ignore images by clicking in the image name” can be helpful if you find images that you know that are used, but the plugin tell you that this images are not used.

And “Ignore size by clicking in the size name and include this size name to the ignore size list if this size does not exist” can help you to add size name to the ignore size list if one other plugin didn’t do a good work, and the image size can’t be found by the get_intermediate_image_sizes WordPress function.

You will buy only one time this plugin, others modification of the PRO version 2.X will be downloadable free from here.

I read that 30% of WordPress sites use WooCommerce, i include the logic for search and found if the images are or not used.

If you need comparability with another plugin or theme, you can contact me or left one comment or review.

Note about license: Buying this plugin give you the right to use it and modify it in your own server and for your own use.
I didn’t obfuscate the code, some part of the code came from the free open source version, but other part are only in the PRO version (this parts are copyright), at any case you can’t share this part or make a fork and publish it at or any other page, if you have ideas or other way to do things, you can write me and we can extends the DNUI WordPress version.

Change log

Version 1.2 (new 12/09/2016)

  • Fix several bugs
  • Migration from angular 1.4.x to 1.5.x
  • Add cancel request (Bug: value is null)
  • Add option Delete automatic current page (asked by users)
  • Add option Warning message  (asked by users)

Version 1.1.6

  • Added ob_clean to clean the output
  •  Change wp_die for die(json) (see at other plugin)
  • Added more useful information
  • Added alert if fetching server go wrong

Version 1.1.5 (27/04/2016)

  • Fix log not working

Version 1.1.4 (new 16/04/2016)

  • Try to fix Fetching server… without any other action

Version 1.1.3 (21/03/2016)

  • Better user experience
  • Fix JS error log
  • Disabled errorHandler (catchching error from other plugin)

Version 1.1.2 (11/03/2016)

  • Fix bug: rollback if page is to big
  • Add translation
  • Fix empty array

Version 1.1.1 (10/03/2016)

  • Fix bug: delete image with delete all button
  • Reduce size bootstrap
  • Fix bug WooCommerce

Version 1.1

  • Fix several bug
  • Add log system
  • Add pagination size (for performance )

Version 1.0

  • WooCommerce compatibilty
  • Delete all automac function
  • Others


Because every plugin have bugs/issues you can see and send me all of them here.

Please only use this channel for report any bug/issues, any other channel will be ignored (this way if other persons have similar problems, they will find the same solutions)

DNUI PRO issues

How to

The main function of this plugin is explain at DNUI Nicearma but because the PRO version have other features, i will explain some of them here.

How to install the plugin

The install is very easy, after the purchase, you can download the plugin, you will have the file at your download folder, you have to upload the plugin, the easier way is to upload the plugin with the upload wp page, you can find this in your admin menu, at Plugins->Add new -> Upload plugin (button at the left-up of your screen)

Or if you dont have this options you can upload your file direct to your server, and put the unzip folder at you plugin folder (you can use any program to do this actions (7Zip, filezilla…)

Note: Be careful, if you use DNUI WP and DNUI PRO versions, they have to have their own folders, if you use the same folder, you will have comparabilities problems.
Normally you will have, the “dnui” folder with ther own *.php/files/folders and “dnui_pro” folder with their own

How to ignore images?

For ignore image(s) you have to make click in the name, you will see that the image have not more the delete button and the name will have one !

ignore image

How to  deselect the image?

Clicking again in the image will enough, but if you one to reset the all list, you can go the the option tab, and click the click the Reset ignore image button.

How to add sizes ?

Maybe you had a plugin that add you sizes to the uploaded image, but at this point of time this plugin is not used by you, but the size is important to your WordPress site, and you want to ignore the image but is not in the ignore size list.

By clicking the size, this one will be added to the ignore size list.

How to ignore size direct in the image tab?

Clicking the size is enough.

ignore sizeHow to activate the delete all button?

The delete automatic all button  is active by default, this will change in next release to force you to read the waring page 😉


Note: some people had the problem to see this button, but this was due a wrong install, they installed the PRO version at the some folder of the WP version.

How to debug/log the plugin?

Coming soon…

How to activate the WooCommerce compatibility ?

You can go to the option tab, and click in the WooCommerce check option

wooCommerce check

Is this really important? YES, if you have the WooCommerce plugin and you don’t use this option, you can have false ‘not used’ label

With the WooCommerce option


Without the WooCommerce option


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