Apps nicearma

Welcome to Apps nicearma.

This is a place for buy/show application made by me.

I’m an IT guy, who love to work with JAVA | PHP and Javascript (i know other but i live from this last three).

For this moment you are probably here for DNUI PRO…

I’m expert in:

  • Java SE|EE [CDI 1.1 | EJB 3.1], Spring 4…
  • PHP 5.X [Symfony, WordPress]
  • Javascript: AngularJS 1.X/2.x, NodeJS , BackboneJS

I already developed or contributed to big software system, and me specialty is to do CRUD system with any of the technology from the list above.

You can find my two WordPress plugin, at DNUI (Delete Not Used Image) and CUF (Clean Unused Files)

I also contributed to LibreNMS code adding VRF-Lite compatibility

I’m the creator of Truephonemadness, that i made with AngularJS, Java EE [CDI 1.1, EJB 3.1, Ebay API, etc]

You can contact me if you need a freelance dev in your team.

Note: I use useful technologies, and i don’t like to use old useless one, why? I think that useless technologies add a poor quality code, hardness to the system and for last one, is not a pleasure to work with, mine main purpose is to have a good quality of code, and normally if the code is good, the product final is good.